Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Catch up post

Time seems to be in precious supply in the Neet house at present so this is just a quick catch up. I will get back with more soon. Promise.

I love the colours (and the frangrance!) of these Yankee Candles tarts. So much better than the plug-ins IMO.

Cath is most definately the inspiration for this Granny Squares blanket destined for Little Neet's bedroom.

These little feet belong to some of my bunnies that have been a long....long time in the making but now completed.

This is Dot Bunny she is safely on her way to Norma in USA thanks to the wonders of Etsy.com.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


This is a lovely Gisella Graham chair that I bought with my pennies from Christmas. It is going to be my crafting chair just outside my kitchen door for the Summer (weather permitting?). Last year I used one of those folding canvas thingies, nice and comfy as it was, I think the Gisella one will add a certain elegance to the affair. I am thinking a nice comfy cushion (with bobble fringing)and a caddy to put over the arm for holding my crafty bits and bobs.

On the chair is a pretty board suitcase that I picked up in TK Maxx. Ideal for keeping my WIP tiddly bits in place. But............I already have another 4 of these sorts of cases.

Too many WIPs perhaps??

Monday, 12 January 2009


How often do you have those days when you take oodles and oodles of photos only to find that none of them quite come up to the mark? I seem to have a really good knack for doing this (plus winter daylight does not help with the process!!) and so I am pretty slow at showing my projects and WIP's at present.

I brought the little bunch of flowers to cheer myself up and to try to inject a bit of life in my kitchen in the depths of winter. So Sainsburys came up trumps with these.

My 'flu' has turned out to be a viral infection which lasts for about 3 weeks (which I suspect quite a few of you will know about!) so according to that news from my Doctor I have still got a week to go of feeling lousy and out-of-sorts. Bum!

Now back to trying to sort out my photographic skills (or lack of).

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy Flu Year 2009!

Sympathy to all my fellow lurgy sufferers.

Back soon.