Sunday, 12 July 2009

I'm still here!

As the title says I am still here but life seems really busy at present and blogging is a little luxury time I don't appear to have.

I am mainly hanging out with these guys. They are my new passion

Mommy Welsummer and her brood

Cuckoo Maran Teenagers enjoying a dustbath in the sunshine

Big Lad (the black and white Brahma cockerel) and some of his 'ladies'

A little White Sussex chick

Just sitting watching the World go by

Mrs Welsummer - I just love her to death - my favourite hen

These two I hatched myself from the same hatch and they are totally inseperable - like shadows

Three little chicks enjoying the sunshine

Rocket Ron my little Welcock. He is Big Lads' arch nemesis as they fight over the girls, but he stays 'cos I love him as he is so handsome.

Now crafting, I hear some of you ask, crafting cupboard is like it harbours some sort of devil and I can't face going into it! I really struggle at present just having to sew a lost button onto a school shirt!

So I guess, maybe as Winter arrives and the cosy indoors appeals, I may/hope to get back into the crafting groove.

In the meantime I hope that you are all enjoying life and whatever is your creative inspiration at the moment.