Thursday, 26 June 2008


These shoes are crocheted using 100% cotton yarn from a pattern in Erika Knights' - Essential crochet.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I unearthed these two little babies this morning.

They are only the start of the hidden treasure that these two pots hold.

Monday, 23 June 2008

I WANT this!

I saw this chair in an old copy of Country Living and just love it. The chair is reupholstered in car-booted/thrifted woollen blankets and it makes me want to squeal. I don't have room for this chair mind you, but I could squeeze it in - somewhere. Could you imagine sinking into this to do some crafting? Memo to self - keep eyes peeled for some nice blankets when thrifting. The picture lighting was quite low in the magazine, but if you click on the photo you will see it in all it's cuddly goodness.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bitty booties

I am slowly working my way through a to-do list of projects out there in blogland. I have had these finished for a little while but the blue booties keep beating me as far as getting the photo right. So I have tried again and this is going to be my last attempt with them. I hope they have come out okay?
The blue ones are made from a fleece blanket and the pink ones from a thrifted 100% wool skirt that has been fulled in the washing machine. The lining is vintage patchwork fabric.

Time management?

Enzo like to go for walks

While Enzo goes for his walk, rabbit hunting, sniffing out friends etc.................I get in a little bit of crafting!
I use the time for his walk to do crocheting as I walk along with him (I can't do knitting and walk, it's just not possible for me!) It fills in that empty time when I could be being productive.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Are you a good housewife!

I saw this link on the Ethel and Edna's Tearoom site and braced myself to have a go. I came out a respectable 'Superior' housewife (thank goodness!) Give it a go, some of the the questions are very 1930's - or very funny if taken with todays expectations.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Added to stash!

I picked these odd balls up from my local wool shop - 50p each- to add to my stash. Quality wool never goes amiss.
I have been trying, trying, trying to take some photos of finished projects but (a) the weather has been horrible for nice lighting (b) my camera zoom is on the blink and (c) I also need to renew my supply of rechargeable batteries. So with all them three things fighting against me, I do not have any photos (nor hair from tearing it out with stress!!!)
Hope you have a nice day wherever you are reading this.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Toadstool FROM Jill

This is the little toadstool from I have received from my swap partner Jill. It is part of the Lucykate Crafts' Toadstool Swap. I love the way the little buttons have been used to make flowers around the base. It is so pretty.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dot and Red

These little dolls were a joy to make. I started off by just experimenting with trying the amigurumi method of crochet to see if I could pull it off and the dolls evolved as I knew I wanted to make something a little different. They are so cuddly and just scrumptious in the flesh. Dot is 21cms tall and Red is 23 tall.

Beanz meanz......................

recycled tin = pretty desk tidy

Reduce, re-use, recycle!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Take one cereal packet............

after a few alterations and copious ammounts of fine glitter....................TA DA!!! A crown fit for a king. This for Master Neet to take part in his school's Summer Carnival Crown Competition - Year 2 category. As Mommy Helper for Friday Afternoon craft sessions at said school, I couldn't really get out of this without being shamefaced. Could I?

Monday, 9 June 2008

I think I may be busy for a while.......

I received my copy of Marie Claire Idees this weekend (I thought I would take a peek at one to see what all the fuss is about) and talk about inspiration overload!!
I definately want to do the cushion, perfect for me, I have an idea to use the design off the bag for something different, the glasses case is great and would also make a cute little holdall for scissors and...................I really, really want to visit a house that puts these covers over their bottles of water!

See this bike?

This bike has NOTHING to do with crafting, but........ it really, really has! You see when Mr Neet is off on Sundays riding harem-scarem over hills and dales - I - moi - can craft away to my little hearts content with not a trace of guilt in my bones.

Friday, 6 June 2008


Following on from the previous post, as well as citing the weather for my lack of interest in the lottie, my enthusiasm for all things craft seem to have taken hold of my life. to the detriment of other things! So while it rained or blew gales or was just too miserable to venture outside, I was only too happy to sit and craft and sit and craft and sit and craft........... LOL!

Allotment or.............................

This is my poor little allotment plot. About 6 weeks ago I feverishly tidied it all up, planted lots and lots of onions (I like them) and then, errrr, sort of turned my back on it. Well, the weather wasn't very heartening (rain, rain and more rain) to go and see it. So on Monday I bravely ventured along to check on it and nearly fainted as it had been swallowed up by 2 foot long grass and weeds. The onions were soldiering along in amongst it all, so the next day I set to and once again feverishly weeded and got it all ship shape looking and found a new enthusiasm for it. I will take a photo of the de-weeded beds in all their glory soon.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

blanket bear with teddy

blanket bear with tedddy, originally uploaded by Neet Designs.

I have always wanted to make a 'traditional style' teddy bear and this little thing satisfies my ambition. I drew the pattern for it all completely. She is called blanket bear beacause that is what she is made from - a vintage, felted blanket.
I used the same fabric for my toadstool swap and loved using the material so much I knew it would make a lovely bear. Hey presto.
She stands 19cm tall and would make a lovely companion for a child.
I have listed her in my Etsy shop.

Toadstool for Jill

This is the toadstool I have made for Jill my swap partner in the Lucykate Crafts Toadstool Swap.
This has been my incentive for getting this blog up and running I thought I might just do it with a bit of a fanfare.

I used a felted blanket which is probably about 50 years old. and it has worked beautifully for this project - I thought it might be too stiff to use but as it you handle it it softens.
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in my first swap. If you know of any others that are current and still open can you please let me know, because even though I seem to spend a LOT of time in Blogland, I haven't come across any other swaps to participate in.

Ive arrived!!!!

Well. it took a bit of time, mainly getting organised (how difficult is that process?) and I needed a push to make the final effort of publishing. So here goes, wish me well, and I hope I can provide an interesting and friendly blog to visit.