Saturday, 18 October 2008

Catching up

Life seems to get in the way at the moment with crafting, I can't see to find the right groove for anything. and yet, I keep seeing loads of inspiration out there on the Interweb.

But I have some pics of finds and a very special 'make'

I have made a couple of nice purchases from local charity/thrift shops. This one was a good haul for £3 - No. you don't need glasses, I was slightly out of focus - ooops!

I also topped up my needle collection. It is really frustrating to see a pattern that you want to start but don't have the right needles for the job. I already have a pretty good all round selection but I wanted to get the missing sizes. Well, I don't know if you are aware but here un the UK, charity/thrift shops aren't allowed to display knitting needles (dangerous weapons!) but a lot will have a box or collection in their sorting room if you ask. I did just that yesterday and spent a pleasant half hour rifling through a gazillion needles and came away with these for £5.

You will all have heard the phrase 'Reduce, re-use, recycle'. Well I did just that this week, in all it's intended glory. It was my birthday on Monday and OH asked what present I would like as I am of that age that I have mostly everything I want and ain't too fussed with 'having to have' if you know what I mean. My response to is question was 'Chickens!'. I have been hankering for some all summer and haven't got motivated to organising it. Then I suggested 'what if we have a go at making a chicken ark?' So I browsed the Interweb for design inspiration, sourced 3 'new' pallets (4 x 8) and we set about 'making'. We used the pallets to perfection and even recycled the nails. The only extra thing we had to buy was the wire mesh (£23), everything else - screws, woodstain and bits was hanging around in the shed. So here is the finished item

These 4 cheeky things are my very special birthday present. We went to a local poultry auction and came away with these. 1 cockerel and 3 hens which are point of lay, so eggs anytime soon. They all have names Rodney and Milly, Molly, Mandy. I have room for another 4. So watch this space for the new additions.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thanks Margy

Here is the beautiful piece of work from Margy of Hmmdesigns that she has made for my 7 year old Little Neet as part of the Kids Toy Swap that we were partnered for. She also sent along other little boy 'interests' in the parcel but it was ripped open at with such speed and enthusiasm that I haven't got to photo them in their pristine glory. Now to find an appropriate home for the gorgeous little mini quilt. Thanks again Margy.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Aaaargh....Ripping, ripping and more ripping!

I seem to have lost my knitting and crochet mojo. The last couple of weeks or so have been really frustrating. Everytime I try to tackle a project of some kind, I keep finding myself unhappy with the look or the feel of it and so I keeping ripping them all back to start again. Has this ever happened to you?
But looking on the bright side at least it gives my fingers something to do and keeps me out of mischief.