Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WIP - revisited

I have got this granny squares throw out to have another go at it. I haven't looked at it for at least a year maybe? You know how some WIP's are! Plus the colours aren't 'this season' somehow but I'll stick with that. Well since I started crafting again a couple of years ago I think my 'skills' have come along quite considerably since I started this throw. Now looking at it I am NOT enthused with the finish or final quality of it.

I joined the squares by a suggested method of using single crochet, but either I did not take any time or put too much effort in it originally or it doesn't suit the yarn, I just know it is NOT right.

So I am unpicking it all (what I have done so far as it was unfinished in size) and adding another round of crochet to each square which 'looks' much much better to me and I will sew it up this time to see if I can get a flatter seam. That was the problem with it, the single crochet seemed to make the seams too tight somehow.

Well I have got 18 new squares done now only another 100 or so to go!!

Hopefully I may just finish this now and it will not remain a WIP for much longer.

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